Safety Reminders and Resources


At UVA, safety is our top priority. Here are 5 tips to help you stay safe: 

1. Call or Text 911 in an Emergency

Call or text 911 in an emergency or any situation that requires immediate response. The 911 center can dispatch police, medical, and fire services on Grounds and off Grounds. When responders arrive, they will focus on your safety and well-being. Trust your instincts: if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Don't hesitate to call.

2. Don't Walk Alone after Dark

Always walk in groups for safety; better yet, choose one of these:  

  • UTS Night Pilot (bus loop between libraries and first-year dorms) and UTS OnDemand (van service to "hubs"). Download the TransLoc app.
  • Safe Walk (with an Ambassador) - to request a Safe Walk: walk up to an Ambassador on patrol, go into the Safety Substation on the Corner, or call 434-982-7622, ext. 406.
  • Charge-A-Ride -  get a taxi in the Charlottesville area if you are a UVA student who finds yourself without financial means to get home safely. Call 434-295-4131, charge the ride to UVA, and pay via SIS. Student ID required. 
  • When you use a rideshare service, always check the license plate and ask the driver to say your name.

3. Download the Rave Guardian Safety App

This app gives you access to all of UVA's safety resources and many other tools, all in one place:

  • Virtual Walk - invite contacts to virtually follow you. You may notify them when you are leaving and set a timer for when you expect to arrive at your destination. A virtual walk is not an equivalent for walking with someone else or using one of the ride options above.  
  • Reduce Crime - Text a concern about something you see or know to UVA Police, even anonymously.
  • Call safety resources on and off Grounds.

4. Become Familiar with the Student Safety Guide

  • UVA offers a wide variety of resources for students including Just Report It, Timely Warnings, self-defense classes, emergency phones, fire safety training, mental health care, and more. 

5. Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

  • A safe community is an involved community. Be an active bystander. Before you go out, make a plan for getting home safely, and when you are out, don't let friends walk off alone. Be aware of your surroundings. Call 911 to request medical, fire, or police officer assistance. Trust your instincts. Police want you to call.